Table of contents

January – June 2020 Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 1 – 90.


  • From the Editor’s Desk

    Revant H. Chole


  • Occupational dental wear and disorders among cement factory workers in Madhya Pradesh, Central India – a cross-sectional survey.

    Swati V. Balsaraf

  • The efficacy of levamisole and triamcinolone acetonide in the treatment of recurrent aphthous ulcers.

    Satish Balwani

  • Knowledge, awareness and attitude among dentist and dental students about teledentistry.

    Shaikh Saba Sultana, Revant H. Chole, Chhaya Adalja, Pranay Patel, Ruchita Peter

  • Oral Submucous Fibrosis – a hospital based study.

    Ajay Bhambhal, Swati V. Balsaraf

  • Impact of oral lichen planus on quality of life.

    Revant H. Chole, Vipul Gothi, Dhruvraj Chauhan.


  • CAD-CAM – A review by the Restorative Dentist..

    Harshita Goswami, Aruna Kanaparthy, Deepika C. Mod, Himadriba Gohil,
    Vikram Shetty, Rosaiah Kanaparthy.

  • Advances in endodontic irrigation.

    Himadriba Gohil, Deepika C. Mod, Vikram Shetty, Aruna Kanaparthy,
    Harshita Goswami.


  • Management of Hollow Cheeks with Undetachable Hollow Cheek plumper:
    A Case Report.

    Deepika Mor, Shriprasad Sarapur, Kaushik Adeshra, Nivedita Pachore, Diptesh Rami.

  • Foreign bodies in Head and Neck region: Review of cases.

    Chandrashekhar R. Bande, Akshay Mishra, Krishna Kurawar, Supriya Dombre,
    Aashish Maheshkar, Anagha Assissi.

  • Odontogenic myxoma: a case report.

    Pooja Mahay, Updesh Masih.

  • Non-surgical management of a large periapical lesion: case report.

    Saurabh Ramtekkar, Manjusha Warhadpande, Darshan Dakshindas.