Basic Description

  • The department was established in 2009.

Public Health Dentistry works for the promotion of oral health and for prevention of oral diseases. Oral health services are normally urban oriented. In order to bring the oral health to the door steps of the community residing in rural area, the department works by developing quality, cost effective community based preventive, educational and treatment programs which emphasize on limitation of oral health disparities. Department of Public health dentistry concentrates more on conducting free camps and oral health education programs in various schools, institutions, primary healthcare centers, and public and private sector undertakings in rural as well as urban areas. The main attraction of the department is a museum where charts and models have been displayed for patient education and better understanding of oral health and various treatment modalities.

The department is equipped with a mobile dental unit which includes one dental chair with all attachments required for doing treatments and a seating capacity of 6 people.

Educational Activities

Oral health education is provided in every camp to the residents of the place through posters, power-point presentations, models etc.

Students of the college are motivated to conduct and involve more in field works. Field works such as visit to old age homes, working at PHC etc are conducted.

The department has total of 3 PHCs around the college surroundings.

Research Activities

Research activities such as more of applied researches are encouraged by the department.


  1. A free camp was conducted for mentally disabled people of Bhavnagar. They were brought to college to whom treatment was required and possible treatment was provided followed by oral health education.
  1. Women’s day was celebrated which involved small skits and dance performances.
  1. Regular free dental camps are organized for the people of old age home, Possible treatments are provided at their doorstep and to whom treatment was not possible at camp site were bought to college. Regular treatments are still continuously delivered to them.
  1. No tobacco day was celebrated which involved performing skit by the students. A rally was organized in Sihor and Songadh Areas near the college.
Dr.Mandeepsinh Gohil Reader
Dr. Divya Chodhray Sr.Lecturer
Dr. Shailesh Parmar Tutor
Dr. Luckyrajsinh Zala Tutor
Dr. Kelin Parekh Tutor
Dr. Niharika Patel Tutor

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