The mission of department of periodontics is to provide excellence and innovation in education, patient care and scientific research in our specialized field.
It has separate Under Graduate as well as Post Graduate sections complete with dental chairs, equipped with all instruments and materials required for comprehensive dental care of patients.
The Post Graduate Clinic is bolstered with cutting edge facilities including soft tissue LASER, Peizosurgical unit, Dental Loupes and Electrocautery.
Advanced Periodontal Regenerative Procedures, Perioplastic surgeries, Preposthetic surgeries are regularly carried out with the help of an adequately stocked department store with materials including synthetic bone graft materials, regenerative and barrier membranes along with Centrifuge Machine for preparation of Platelet Rich Fibrin used to carry out advanced perio regenerative procedures.
We also have state of art Implant clinic with RVG , meant not only for implant placements but also for hard and soft tissue augmentation procedures for optimum function as well as esthetic restoration of patients, the primary goal of department. The single minded aim is to provide patient care with utmost precision and compassion as well as educate them about the importance of personal oral hygiene.
The infection control is ensured by a separate sterilization room following a stringent protocol for care of instruments.
The process of teaching and learning is the heart of education. With this in mind the department has remarkable infrastructural facilities and a dedicated teaching faculty meant to benefit the students to the fullest.
Integrated department library has a vast collection of books, student library dissertation and journals and seminars. The department has a straight of art seminar room with all the audio visual facility which enhance the educational experience of the students.

Greetings and welcome to the department of Periodontics and Oral implantology. The department of Periodontics provides advanced instruction and clinical experience in the management of the periodontium and dental implants in health and disease. This includes etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases and surgical placement of implants, treatment of periimplant disease and implant maintainence. The full spectrum of currently available biological materials is used to ensure the regeneration of bone and soft tissue around teeth and insite development for implant placement.

The department aims to continue developing basic and clinical research in dental implantology, novel bone regenerative technologies and the development of innovative approaches to treat periodontal diseases by modulating the immune system. There is integration of innovative techniques with conservative treatment approaches resulting in excellent treatment outcomes and a high standard of quality care.
The community is served by the various camps organized by the department. It is our endeavour to ensure that the students learn all aspects of Periodontics and apply it in their clinical practice.

Dr. Ashok K.P. Professor & HOD
Dr. Kamlesh Singh Professor
Dr. Niraj K. Motwani Reader
Dr. Kavan Patel Sr.Lecturer
Dr.Jhala Bandish Sr.Lecturer
Dr.Ladani Ravikumar Sr.Lecturer
Dr.Namrata Trivedi Sr.Lecturer
Dr. Pankti Shah Sr.Lecturer
Dr. Sonani Jaimin Tutor

1. A comparative evaluation of the efficacy of citric acid , emdogain , and tetracyclin hydrochloride as root biomodification agents : an in vitro sem study
2. Comparative evaluation of calendula afficinalis, 0.1% turmeric mouthwash and chlorhexidine as antimicrobial agent against oral microbes- an in vitro study
3. Co-relation of radiovisuographic analysis of interdental and inter-radicular bone loss in furcation involvement of mandibular 1st molars in aggressive periodontitis patients
4. Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial
Efficacy of met-dox gel with metronidazole and doxycycline gel for treatment of periodontal and periimplant diseases: an in vitro study
5. Evaluation of C-Reactive protein as an inflammatory marker in Chronic Periodontitis patients following phase 1 therapy: A Serological study
6. Dermatoglyphics & periodontitis: Finding any unexplored link?
7. Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial Efficacy of salvia officinalis and Anethum Graveolens (dill) essential oils with Chlorhexidine digluconate on periodontal Pathogens: an in vitro study”
8. Evaluation of Anethum Graveolens Essential Oil as a suture coating material - A pilot study
9. Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial Activity of ozonized olive oil and chlorhexidine gluconate against periodontal Pathogens: an in vitro study”
10. Efficacy of ozonized olive oil on microbial contamination of contact lenses after scaling & root planing using ultrasonic scaler: a clinical and microbiological study
11. Evaluation of Antimicrobial activity of licorice gel on periodontal pathogens - An in Vitro study
12. A comparative clinical evaluation of efficacy of needleless jet anaesthesia and a topical novel non injectable anaesthetic gel in non surgical periodontal therapy
13. Evaluation of Antimicrobial activity of moxifloxacin hydrochloride loaded in situ gel on periodontal pathogens - An in Vitro study
14. Correlation between Periodontal Condition, Preterm birth and Low Birth weight among Postpartum Mothers:A Clinical Study
15. An evaluation of relationship between serum Cortisol, stress and periodontal disease -a clinicobiomechanical study.
16. Comparative evaluation of post-operative pain, wound healing and time taken for wound closer following piezoelectric Alveoloplasty using n-butyl-2- cyanoacrylate and 3.0 silk suture in a split-mouth design - An in vivo prospective study.
17. A Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Study On Oral Hygiene Among Adults In A Rural Area Of Bhavnagar District – A Questionnaire Based Cross Sectional Study
18. Periimplantitis
19. Lasers in periodontology
20. Perioaesthetics
21. Microsurgery
22. Osseointegration
23. Risk Assessment
24. Basic Implantology 25. Hyperbaric oxygen 26. Ozone therapy 27. Diabetes & Periodontal Disease


  • Regenerative procedures in Periodontics – 7th Nov 2020
  • Significance of biological width in periodontal health – 21st October 2020
  • Horizontal bone augmentation- 12th june 2021


  • CDE Program on LASERS in Periodontics in December 2019 by Dr Neeraj Deshpande.
  • World Oral Health Day Celebration in 2022 in collaboration with DCI, ISP & Government of India by organizing camps, conducting various activities & events.
  • Oral Hygiene Day Celebration 2022 by conducting various competition and presentation on Importance of Oral hygiene.
  • National Periodontist Day Celebration February 2023
  • World Oral Health Day celebration in 2023 in collaboration with ISP & Government of India.
  • Oral Hygiene Day celebration on 1st & 2nd august 2023 in collaboration with ISP


  • Screening Camp at Alang in August 2022.
  • Screening Camp at Jagdish Swaranandji Primary school, Sihor on 10th March 2023
  • Screening Camp at Bhundarkha Primary school, Palitana on 27th March 2023
  • Screening camp at St Mary school, Sihor on 2nd august 2023

Student Achievements: Congratulations to our students for their recent achievements, including
  • • Certificate of Merit awarded by Indian Society of Periodontology as a recognition & appreciation towards spreading awareness on Importance of Oral Health on occasion of World Oral Health Day celebration in March 2022
  • Dr. Anjali Jha PG Student (Batch 2019-22) was 2nd University Topper of MDS Examination at Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University.
  • Dr. Pooja Marvania PG Student (Batch 2018-21) was 4th University Topper in MDS Examination at Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University.
  • Mira Patel Final BDS (Batch 2012-13) was Topper in Periodontology.
  • Rashmi Jaggad Final BDS (Batch 2014-15) was Topper in Periodontology.
  • Aba Raval Final BDS (Batch 2016-17) was Topper in Periodontology.
  • Hetvi Tanna Final BDS (Batch 2018-19) was Topper in Periodontology.
  • Janvi Naik Final BDS (Batch 2019-20) was Topper in Periodontology.
  • Gautam Rai Final BDS (Batch 2020-21) was Topper in Periodontology.
  • Hardavi Dholakia Final BDS (Batch 2021-22) was Topper in Periodontology

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