Maxillofacial surgery” is a term that implies a greater scope of surgical interest.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of congenital or acquired diseases, dysfunction, defects or injuries of the mouth, jaws, face, neck and adjacent craniofacial regions. The various treatments under the Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery are :-

  1. Extraction and surgical removal of impacted teeth
  2. Surgical exposure of the impacted teeth
  3. Endodontic surgeries
  4. Traumatic injuries of the maxillofacial region
  5. Incision and drainage of abscess in the head and neck region
  6. Management of pathological conditions of the oral mucosa and bone
  7. Minor surgeries involving the oral cavity and maxillofacial region
  8. Maxillary sinus and surgeries of the pathologies associated with it
  9. Facial space infections and its management
  10. Cysts in the oro-facial region and its management
  11. Temporomandibular joint problems
  12. Preprosthetic surgeries.
  13. Dental Implant Placement
  14. Orthognathic Surgeries
  15. Tumors in the oro- facial region and its management.

The Department  is well supported by well developed x-ray unit including CBCT and  in-campus General Hospital facility with well equipped  clinical laboratory and emergency Unit.

With the motto “ Excel with Excellence” our  exemplary teachers bring expertise in  “ to be doctors” with synergistic approach with their innovative methods of teaching and research approaches to prepare the students to meet the emerging needs of the society in terms of oral & maxillofacial surgery.

In all our endeavours we ensure that Team efforts never fail to observe, analyse and provide all possible encouragement to  master various clinical skills to face all diversities related to career and overall personality development within and outside the Institute.

Staff Name Designation
Dr.Pankajakshi Bai K. Principal, Professor & HOD
Dr. Jayendra Purohit Professor
Dr. Dharmendra Chandarna Reader
Dr.Juhi Puri Reader
Dr.Kinjal Lakhani Sr.Lecturer


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